Feedback Search

Power through your feedback

When your users submit feedback, a lot of information is associated to their feedback - including the URL they were on, the category of feedback they selected (such as 'bug report'), and any custom properties you attach.

Using Shoutshare's powerful feedback search, you can query by any of these. You can search through:

  • The category of the feedback. Search for feature requests, bug reports, general feedback, or any custom categories you use.

  • The URL that the feedback was submitted on. Search for all feedback that was submitted on certain pages (or, that match certain pages - for example, all feedback submitted on URLs that contain /blog or /documentation)

  • When the feedback was created. Search for feedback that is older than (or newer than) a date or time.

  • The text of the feedback. Search for feedback that contains (or does NOT contain) certain certain keywords.

  • The satisfaction. Search by positive or negative feedback.

  • Custom properties. Any custom properties you attach can be searched. For example, if you attach a boolean value "is_logged_in" to your feedback, you can search for all logged-in users.

Combining Searches

You can combine multiple searches into one! This lets you do things like....

  • Search for all feedback submitted on your pricing page by logged-in users vs logged-out users

  • Prioritize bug-reports from users that have a high-tier pricing plan

  • Search for positive and negative feedback from logged-in users that mention a newly launch feature

Saving searches as slices

After searching, just hit the Save as slice button to save your search as a Slice.

Slices let you categorize your feedback into logical groups. Slices let you:

  • Categorize and organize your feedback into logical groups

  • Get alerted when new feedback comes in that matches an existing slice

  • Compare and contrast the satisfaction rating across different slices

  • Easily view responses within a slice

Saving your search as a slice