Put your widget to work


By default, the configuration above will create a basic feedback button on your website. You can use advanced options to customize the widget and associate properties to the feedback that your user's submit, allowing you to slice and visualize key metrics.

Here is the full list of possible options:

window._shoutshare('init', {
id: "123", // The ID of your widget, found on https://shoutshare.io/app/setup
properties: { // A Javascript object of any custom properties you want
email: "[email protected]", // Email address of the customer
name: "Bill Gates", // Name of the customer
loggedIn: true,
username: "yourusername",
loginCount: 11,
customer_plan: "premium",
created_at: 123456789,
accountAge: 94,
roles: ["admin", "editor"], // Arrays can be used
contactDetails: { // Nested objects can be used too
phone: "555-123-4567"
widget: {
type: 'feedback', // Possible options are 'feedback', 'thumbsup', 'stars'
alignment: "bottom-right", // Possible options are 'bottom-right', 'bottom-center', 'bottom-right', 'middle-left', 'middle-right'
hidden: false, // Whether the widget starts hidden or not
text: {
buttonText: "Feedback...", // Change the text on your button
headerText: "Feedback?", // Change the header text
subheaderText: "All feedback is appreciated!" // Change the subheader text

Custom Properties

When users submit feedback and it gets sent to Shoutshare, we store the user's IP address, the URL that the feedback was submitted on, the text the user submitted, and the rating they included.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can attach much more information to the 'properties' object, allowing you to slice and visualize feedback according to many different things. For example:

  • Include the user's email, so you can directly respond to the user in Shoutshare (coming soon)

  • Include the number of times a user has logged in, so you can slice by the most engaged users

  • Include the roles of the user, so you can slice by feedback from admins vs editors

  • Include the customer's plan, so you can slice by all the tiers you offer

  • Include when the customer registered their account, so you can slice by new customers vs aged customers